Sonos not connecting through wifi

The connection through wifi with my Sonos sound system is very unstable. My partner who has an iPhone has way less problems connecting to Sonos. Is this a known problem for FairPhone/android? How can I fix it?

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Did you search before posting to see if there was any reference, as if there isn’t then it’s not likely to be a ‘known’ problem?

Is your problem one of Wi-Fi disconnecting or poor data transfer speeds? Some more detail would be useful.

Within the Sonos app on my FairPhone I get the error message that the device (Sonos) has lost connection. This would implicate a Wifi-Sonos connectivity problem rather then a FairPhone problem. But as I mentioned, my partner who has an iPhone has no such issues.

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I have an FP4 and a Sonos Roam and have recently started having this issue too.

The Roam has a white status LED when it’s on and connected. This issue occurs with me when I open the Sonos app and it attempts to connect to my Roam. The white LED starts blinking orange. Shortly after, the app times out and reports it is unable to connect. The Roam needs a power cycle, and then it connects to the app.

I don’t have any apple devices to compare to.

I’ve assumed that as the Roam appears to crash when the app attempts to connect to it, then an update to the app or the Roam, or both, has introduced a bug that is tripping the Roam up. No idea how to fix though, I’m fairly new to Sonos and the Roam is the only Sonos device we have.

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Apps on Android and Iphone can work very different, so it might really be an issue with an app update

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