Sometimes the screen doesnt respond to my touch

Hi there,

A couple of months ago a water bottle leaked into my purse where my FP3 was also in. After a night in rice, it seemed that I did not have any permanent damage.

Now all of a sudden my screen did not respond to any touch anymore. I opened the phone and cleaned some white stuff of what I think are the contacts between the screen and the main module. After that, the screen worked for 2 days and now again the screen does not work…

Is this problem solvable with a new screen or might the problem be on the main module?
I don’t want to buy a new screen, use it for a couple of days and then conclude that it still isn’t fixed.


Rice is not a good idea, and a night might be too short, as our #waterwiki can tell you.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels with Fairphone 3 expertise and parts in your vicinity, you could ask whether a display module swap could be arranged to check if it’s the display module.


Thank you,

I found a #fairphoneangel nearby, hopefully he/she can help.