Sometimes apps won't open until I click "back"

Yesterday I randomly started having a bug: sometimes no apps will open and I have to press the back button before anything will work. At first I couldn’t figure out how to fix it at all, but the back button seems to work.

Unrelated: How do I get the back button on the RIGHT side? I can’t find this option anywhere.

Hi Randall,

sounds like the same issue as

and should probably be merged into that thread.

For the back button on the right you might want to give this one a try:

Ah. I didn’t find it because I only searched for “back” and “can’t open apps” (because that is how I solved it and that was the problem). Thank you for that link.

For the back button, it is very annoying that this is the first phone I have bought that doesn’t have that listed in the options (in general, the settings are very messy and I feel like I never find anything), but thank you for finding that for me.

Thank you for that link, but it isn’t a very good solution for a feature that should already have been included and I won’t install it because it has ads (I don’t like corporate propaganda).