Some spare parts web page not accessible for everyone

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@peteruithoven writes it isn´t working, @paulakreuzer again it is.

As It turned out some pages are actually only accessible for registered users/customers.
After testing for myself I have realized this. Those who has an account will have to login.
Others will be confronted with a default page saying:


I am not sure if this is an intentional strategy of FP, I will write an email for clarification.

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Pinging in @Monica.Ciovica.

@Patrick1 thanks for picking this up. That clarifies a lot.
I did already send a support request in the mean time.

Morning guys,

As I wrote in the Battery Out of Stock thread, the 404 on the battery page is a server cache issue.
If you try this link, it should work:

I will notify the team and hopefully the issue will be corrected soon.

Have a lovely day,


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