Some questions before buying a fairphone 3 :)

Hello there ^^

Here steff, from deep france and happy one day or another to acquire a fairphone 3.
I’m a Gnu Linux user and i try my best to avoid big data and then some proprietary applications.

The fact is i need some, as instagram or watts app and my question is : is there any problem of big data even if, using so the ubuntu touch sys, to keep the same problem as on my actual mobile wich is a xiaomi redmi note 8 pro.

Thanx a lot, i go read further the topics of this forum :slight_smile:

kindly regards

I use /e/ on my Fairphone 3.
And I have installed the shelter app.
In the shelter app I use whatsapp to be in contact with my family.
For me this is a way to use whatsapp without giving it permission to see the whole phone.

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Welcome to the forum!

Instagram has a PWA which is slower than the app but it does work. I use this in Firefox with the Shortcut added to the desktop.

Whatsapp works fine, there’s a method as @Lidwien described to use it in your work profile in Shelter.
There’s also an app on f-droid that acts as Whatsapp web

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hello and thanx for your answer. ok i will go see more about applications in /e/
Yes perhaps better choice than Ubuntu ?
thx yet !

hello and thanx for your answer !
the fact is i go to investigate further about it !
thanx a lot yet.

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There is no Ubuntu Touch yet on the Fairphone 3.

hello anotherElk and thanx for your reply.

Ok i had a look also to the pinephone but it seems to lack of good hardware ? this mobile has ubuntu touch. What are you thinking about ? too unpowered ?

thanx a lot yet.


I can’t say anything about the PinePhone.

Hi Steff,

If you “need” apps like Insta and WhatsApp you can probably stay with Android since it won’t make your dive into big data any worse :clown_face:

Ubuntu Touch on phones is barely usable and rather a PoC, if you ask me.

hello there :slight_smile:

So yes i want to use ubuntu touch or manjaro linux on the phone.

The fact is that if the fairphone can be under ubuntu touch, it would be so cool.

also the pinephone even if the hardware seems to lack a little but well why not ? i’m sorry i did’nt understand the POC word ^^

so then yes in two years or earlier i will buy one of thoses ! thanx a lot. regards.

Proof of concept :wink: .


okok ! :slight_smile:
so then i discoverd the possibility to buy a fairphone 3 by efondation, with so /E/ installed on the phone ! yes great no more google. but as i wanted to keep 5 big data applications i think perhaps it is a strange idea ? i mean if i keep facebook, instagram, gmail, what’s app and discord on the futur mobile, the fact to keep all theses don’t make me get out of big data ? or then i go to have encapsulate free software to have acces to theses services without giving rights to my datas ?
Thanx a lot by advance, i don’t know what to tell about, of course all free applications would be nice and nicest but familly and friends are on theses … things and i can’t fight it :frowning:
regards to all

For Facebook have a look on the app store F-Droid and look for Tinfoil for Facebook.
For Gmail look for K-9 Mail in the app store F-Droid.
For Navigation look for Osmand again in the app store F-Droid.
Whatsapp use the shelter app.
The same with instagram and discord.


hello! yes thanx a lot for your answers ! i go think about it and buy it one day soon ^^
thanx yet


Hello everybody! I have been using a FP2 phone for almost 3 years after an FP1. I finally took on me to switch to Fairphone OpenOS 2 years ago and it seems to me a little odd to have an OpenOS and use whatsapp: I closed my own account after Cambridge analytica scandal. I’ve been using Signal since then, from a non profit organisation, which is similar and I sew now lots of my contacts using it too. Maybe you could try it and tell us if you feel ok with that app?


Yes, I use Whatsapp and I use Signal.
Whatsapp for my family, who don’t want to move to Signal.
Signal for some family members and friends that took the move to join me at Signal.

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hello hello !

Ok i go think about all this :slight_smile:

thanx and regards !

Hello so time passed since i asked you some questions ^^
I’m now the owner of a samsung galaxy s7 with /e/OS in, android 7 version for base !
Seems to rock but i go have my sim card in tomorrow, i litterally broke my xiaomi redmi note 8 pro because i thought it was easy to open it with a knife as old mobiles.
So then back glass part is broken, i go search someone to perhaps repair it ?

This is not the question here ^^ so then tomorrow afternoon i do will have my sim card and on evening will try to install what’sApp with the method you told me to follow.

The fact is i went to the git and saw it has to be compiled ? ./configure and following seems cool on my computers but how i have to make on the mobile ?

Perhaps i write to fast, i have severals things to do this afternoon but be sure i go search later !

So i’m a new /e/OS owner ! gr€€t !

Regards to all of you ^^


Have fun with your ePhone. :slight_smile:

No compiling, look to fdroid.

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