Some Questions about Root


I learned here that the Fairphone allows to install any OS on the device and that the bootloader is unlocked by default.
Is the bootloader unlocked or can be unlocked very easily?

This brings me to the next question: Root.
On my Galaxy Note 8 (that I want to exchange with a Fairphone 3+) Greenify (that I am using to terminate unwanted apps) tells me that it can do more if the device is rooted.
Yes, I know, with a Fairphone I don’t have any unwanted app pre-installed, so I don’t need Greenify any longer.

But is the Fairphone rooted by default?
I am not a security expert, but a not-rooted phone protects the system from some malicious apps.
And if a phone is rooted, then malicious apps can do more.

So if the Fairphone 3+ is rooted by default, then I have to take more care than I am already doing.

Thank you for your help!


The FP3(+) comes unrooted. But you can get the necessary code from the manufacturer.

BTW.: Wouldn’t it be more handy to collect all your questions in one discussion?


Thank you, this helped a lot.

I thought it is a good idea to keep every question in a separate topic, because this makes the tipics smaller (only answers to the original questions) and makes it easier for suers that search for answers.
I know that this inflates the forum (more topics).
But I really thought about this before I started posting here.
I hope this is OK.


I think it is better, as you say, to have separate posts for each question however there are lots about rooting the Fairphone already, so your post may get moved to an existing topic.


Beware your bank app will probably not work after root.


I do NOT plan to root my phone, I just wanted to make sure it is not rooted like other phones.
But thank you for this tipp, will keep this in mind.


Okay. No, the fairphone 3 is not rooted and is fairly secure, it gets security updates frequently but not too frequently to annoy you.


How or where did you learn that?
The Fairphone 3 comes with a locked bootloader, but it can be unlocked … Manage the bootloader of your FP3/FP3+ – Support … e.g. to install OSes which are available for the Fairphone 3, not any OS, see #oslist.

Don’t mix rooting with unlocking the bootloader, it’s not the same :wink: .


Sorry if I should have written “Fairphone allows to install an alternative OS”.
Thank you for sharing the link to the OS-List.

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