Some messages dissapeared in the forum?

Hi all :raising_hand_man:

I’m trying to find a message that I’m pretty sure that i published yesterday on this topic. In fact, my profile photo appears on the side of the topic:

…but I can’t find my reply, nor in my profile!

Maybe my message was deleted by a moderator? But why I haven’t been notificated? Did I do anything wrong? A few days ago, also a reply of mine in other topic was not published at the moment, and I got a message warning me that my post should be revised by a moderator… but I don’t remember this happened other times :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Am I doing something wrong in the forum? Is my account flagged for some reason?

Thank you very much :blush:

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Both your profile icon and the B icon next to yours don’t show in my forum overview. Seems like a very odd glitch to me.

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I remember the post. The included link (thanks, browser history) couldn’t be it, or could it? @moderators?

They were there a moment ago, they disappeared just now when I hit F5.
Perhaps the forum software “cleans up” in intervals, not immediately?

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Maybe it helps to delete the browser cookies of the Fairphone forum (forum.fairphone.com), I do not know…

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Hi @Mixigodo,
I’m not aware that you did something wrong :slight_smile:
So I’ll try to find out what happened together with the other @moderators and come back to you then.


I removed the mentioned reply and the replies to it, because the topic was on an self made bike mount only.


Ah, categories.
Makes sense, but posts can be moved, not only removed :wink: .

It’s a bit odd, though, that there’s no notification to the user if a post gets removed. Does something perhaps show up in the “Notifications” list in your profile, @Mixigodo?


I’ve now restored the posts and moved them to an according topic.
Sorry for the confusion and thanks for notifying us.


Ok, now I understand what happened. Thank you for clarifying and for restored the posts and moved them :smile:

Nope :confused:. But I found there the approval confirmation of my post that had to be approved (I still don’t know why that post had to be supervised, because that’s the first time that one of my posts in this forum is not published at the moment, even when attaching images; also, the link I attached in that post was from Fairphone.com and not any kind of strange website). But this only happened to me that time, I guess that it’s some kind of spam or abusing filter, or something, not a big problem.

Anyway, and returning to the main question, it will be great if the forum could notificate automatically to the users if their posts are deleted :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your responses and help! :heart:

EDIT: Now that the post is restored, I can see the notification which advide me that my post was moved :slight_smile:


It seems that it works as designed by the designers of Discourse…


Sometimes posts need confirmation due to a catch-word being used in the post.
Not, that I could tell you what those “words” are; sometimes it’s just a combination of numbers (if I am not mistaken). And that can be part of a link.
In cases like this, I usually wonder, what the catch-word is, but I never took the time to really go looking. :blush:

Usually such a posting is approved within minutes; at least, if a moderator is online. :wink:


Thank you very much for the information! I was not complaining, I was just curious, but now I understand it :blush:

Again, Thank you all!


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