Some language dictionaries on FP2 are not working

Having checked previous posts on similar issues, I haven’t found an answer so post the question here.

I type messages in half a dozen different languages, and I have added the keyboards for those languages on my FP2 (which I have now had 11 months). When typing in English, French or Italian the auto-correct dictionary works OK (although many grammatical inflections of verbs and adjectives are missing, but better than nothing).

However when typing in Danish or Swedish (for example), no sensible suggestions come up and auto-correct isn’t active (suggested words are grey and not bold white), which is just as well as the suggested words come mainly from the English dictionary. Over time the personal dictionary for e.g. Danish or Swedish appears to be auto-learning and dictionary suggestions are getting better (based on common words I have used thousands of times). Nevertheless I would love to have the proper Danish and Swedish dictionaries in order to speed up typing.

Having checked in language & inputs, under the keyboard & input methods and add-on dictionaries, I can see all the languages have (allegedly) the corresponding dictionary installed, only they don’t work.

On my old FP1U this worked fine first time I added languages, on this FP2 it refuses to work…

Is this behaviour with the aosp keyboard or with the gboard?

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I’ve not heard of aosp or gboard so I can’t answer the question. How can I tell which one I have? It’s the keyboard that came with the phone’s OS.

The current Android version is 6.0.1 with FP OS 17.12.1

The words between the [ ] are the Danish equivalent for the English language.
Could you go to the app ‘Settings’ [Indstillinger]
Scroll down to the section “Personal” [Personlig]
Tap on ‘Language & input’’ [Sprog og input]
Look at the section 'Keyboard & input methods [Tastatur og inputmeoder]
Do you see there the Android Keyboard (AOSP) [Android-tastatur (AOSP)]
and beneath it Gboard? [Gboard]
If you don’t see the Gboard, then go to the playstore and download there the Gboard.
Instal GBoard and go back to 'Keyboard & input methods [Tastatur og inputmeoder],
Tap on GBoard on the next page you are in the ‘Gboard keyboard settings’ [Indstillinger for Gboard-tas… ]
and choose at ‘Languages’ [Sprog] the languages you want to use.
At ‘Dictionary’ you can add the dictionaries you want to use.
Go back to 'Keyboard &'Keyboard & input methods [Tastatur og inputmeoder],
There tap on ‘Current Keyboard’ [Aktuelt tastatur] and choose the Gboard

I have chosen for the Gboard as it is in for example Dutch much better than the Android Keyboard (AOSP).

By the way the current version is 18.02.0. I would suggest you update to this version.

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Thanks for the tip, I’ve installed gboard and will see how it goes. It’s a bit disconcerting though that the play store warns you that gboard could be logging all your keyboard inputs!

Also it looks like personal dictionary synchronisation will not be possible because of a Gsuite/work account, but maybe that’s not important.

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I know, but that is the same for every keyboard you install.

Please check as a final check in Settings, Language & input if the ‘Spell checker’ [stavekontrol] is set to Google spell checker [Google-stavekontrol].

After a couple of days I must say I’m happy with the gboard, its behaviour is a little different but one can adjust to its idiosyncrasies. The keyboard also looks more cluttered, but it works well.

The spellchecker is still set to AOSP, but now the Danish & Swedish dictionaries are working when using Gboard! It’s a funny business.

At least the problem is fixed AFAIC, so many thanks for your help! :grinning:

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