Some keys do not work


First of all, I’m sorry for the poor English…

I have the following problems with my Fairphone 2.

  • Some keys do not work in portrait mode. It started with X, then D and E, and now also A and Q. Sometimes, some of them “come back”, but only for a few minutes. They work pefectly well in lansdscape mode, so I guess that the problem comes from the touchscreen.
  • Sometimes, the phone seems to become “insane”, as if “someone” pressed randomly at full speed on the screen. The only way to stop it is removing the battery, several times if needed.

My phone never fell on the ground, and I protect it very well. I use it perfectly normally. I restored the factory-default settings, without any improvement.

I sent an e-mail to the support team 26 (!!) days ago, but in French, which was probably a major mistake. 11 days ago, I sent another e-mail in English, but I’m still waiting for a reply (I mean, a real reply, not an automatic one).

I hope this message on the forum will make things move a little bit…

Thank you in advance to anyone who could help me.

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