[solved] Where does the Google Apps Installer get downloaded to? [FP1(U)]

Hi everybody!

Can somebody tell me, where the .zip-file lands, when I download Google Apps through the Fairphone Updater? I want to move it to my PC and possibly install it via recovery on another Fairphone (I can’t find it in my root explorer).

Any hint is much appreciated! :smile:

Edit: I just found out myself: When the Fairphone Updater finishes the download and gives you the two options “Reboot/Cancel”, click neither of them and instead go to the folder “Updater” in your Internal Storage and you’ll find a file called “fp_store_0.zip”. Move it to your PC/another folder. It gets deleted as soon as you click “Cancel” in the Fairphone Updater.

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Thanks, I found it, after I tried a second time. Steps are above! :wink: