[solved] When to replace battery?

Is there some quantitative measure to determine how much capacity is left or a recommendation when to change it?

I was thinking of wear level, number of cycles or a benchmark?

PC Mark Benchmark gives me 3 h 5 Min(see screenshots), but I bought the FP2 used via eBay, so I cannot tell how much it should be.

Some notes:
Latest 19.11.2 FPOS with google, pretty basic with Google and Greenify
I’m already aware that FP2 has not the best battery experience, I’m OK with this, even when it’s getting not better with Android 9, I’m just curious :slight_smile:




One other simple thing that you can easily check: What’s written on your battery? Does it read “Fairphone” (vertically) or does it read “Change is in your hands”?

The first batteries had the former print on them, the later ones the latter. This would at least give you an idea how old the battery is which is a relevant point here because batteries degrade over time even when not used at all.


Thanks for the info! Indeed, I have the old battery with “Fairphone” on it.
Additionally, AccuBattery confirmed the assumption:
This was the app I was looking for :slight_smile:
Now, I have ordered a new battery. I will share the PCMark results for comparison


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