[Solved] Touchscreen: random input events on screen


From few days, I experience a strange behaviour with the screen of my FP3, often it reacts like if random points were pressed on the screen.
This makes the phone very hard to use because buttons and links are pressed anytime, and scrolling is interrupted.

I tried removing the protection film I had, disassemble the screen part of the phone to clean and check connections, nothing worked.

My phone is less than 4 months old, and I never let it fall on ground or similar…

Is there something I missed and can try before sending the phone for reparation? Thanks in advance.

Ghost touches are a proud Fairphone tradition, as it has effected some FP1s and FP2s too.

The advice given there: if disassembling, cleaning and reassembling doesn’t work, contact support. You could do a factory reset, of course, but I doubt that this is a software issue.

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Thank you for the answer.

  • I switched the pressure delay to Medium, even Long
  • I disassembled the screen, checked and cleaned connections, reassembled

The problem lightly decreased but still present. I will see with the support.

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If you can find someone near you with a functioning FP3, you can also swap screens and see if the issue is affected. If the problem goes away, it’s the screen; if it doesn’t, it’s the core module or the connection between the screen and the core.

But other than that, yes, support is your best option.

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Believe me or not, but the problem seems to have disappeared, or at least is far far less important, after I accidentaly droped the phone on the ground…
Guess it was a connection problem and that the impact putted back in place the components :man_shrugging:
The most important is that my phone is usable again.

If the problem come back I will contact the support.

Thank you for your help and your answers.


Hahaha i had the exact same problem, then read this thread and dropped it on the floor
on purpose from about 15 cm high, and now the problem is gone!!! Machines that can be repaired by hitting them are the best. With an iPhone, this would have cost me two weeks of waiting for the “Genius” at the Apple Store to fix it. Love for Fairphone


Hi @Thij_van_Aalst

Welcome to the forum.

Well I suppose it’s easier than disassembling and re-assembling :frowning:

I’m sure that dropping the phone, however, isn’t an official support procedure :slight_smile: