[Solved] OEM unlocking: How to enter letters with a Numbers only keyboard?

Hello, so I wanted to check the process in case I wanted to shift for an alternative OS (and kiss Google bye-bye) on my brand new sturdy Fairphone 4.

[x] USB debugging
[ ] OEM unlocking: In Settings » System » Developpers’ options, toggling ‘OEM unlocking’ opens a page with 1) a field to enter the unlocking code and 2) the virtual keyboard shown below that is Numbers only.

Here a long press on any key always prints a number. So I’m wondering how to enter the code given @ Bootloader Unlocking Code for Fairphone 3 - Fairphone , since it always includes one or more letter?

Steps I followed since I gor the Fairphone 4 yesterday:

  1. charged
  2. checked it recognizes my SIM card: yes
  3. reading the doc (and various posts around here :slight_smile: )
  4. Updated my FP4 from ‘FP4.FP3N.A.091.20211118’ -» ‘FP4.FP4I.A.091.20221207’
  5. Checked I can activate ‘USB debugging’: yes.
  6. Check how to unlock my FP4 bootloader using this Support page : I can’t
  7. Checked this forum where it seems no one encountered this issue so far
  8. Installed F-Droid, a couple FOSS keyboards and activate them in Settings: none works so far (nowhere) whether I activate Gboard or not.
  9. Checked whether adb recognizes the device: yeap.

I now humbly ask for some help or correction in case I misunderstood something and someone would have a couple minutes to explain?

That looks like it is just asking for your lockscreen pin first?


You’re right and I entered it, which closes the page and leads to the System page, where ‘OEM unlocking’ is disabled. Sorry @SkewedZeppelin I forgot to mention that.

EDIT: Entering my PIN code rewinds to the System page with a po-up 'Input verify code: Warning (blablabla)… Oh and the line under that is a form! Okay I saw just a UI line there, not the form where to enter the given code great, thank you!

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OK @SkewedZeppelin showed me the light; I edited my last post upon understanding.


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