[SOLVED] Looking for a FP2 bottom module to buy

Hi out there

Via diagnostics, i found out that my bottom module dosen’t work for my Fairphone 2.

It seems that the refurbished replacement parts isn’t avalible at the FP store anymore.
So I would like to ask the community, if one of you still have a spare part bottom module for Fairphone 2? In that case, I would like to buy it.

I would also like to pay for shipping to Denmark.

I wonder what is wrong. The common failures seem to be the a) the mic and b) the charging port.

Given the rarity of spare bottom modules you may want to consider a repair. There are a number of topics that help a DIY or maybe use the info to enquire if a friend or a repsir shop can help.

Thanks for your replies. I will try the repair solution.

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