[Solved]How to install LineageOS for MicroG?

I’m blocked on the last step, I already have twrp and just need to install the zip file, here’s what I did :
Went on the Website ;
Then on the Download link ;
and now I’m lost.
What are all these folders (a3xelte, ahannah, beckham etc.) ?
I downloaded a file from one of those folders but it doesn’t end with “.zip” instead it ends with “.zip.sha256sum”
And in twrp I can’t find it, if I rename the file by deleting the “sha256sum” part nothing works.
What am I missing ?

These are the names of the phones. You need FP2 for Fairphone 2 or FP3 for Fairphne 3(+).


Same issue, it’s the file name the problem
if I put it without changing it : lineage-17.1-20210127-microG-FP2.zip.sha256sum , TWRP doesn’t find the file
if I change it like this : lineage-17.1-20210127-microG-FP2.zip ,TWRP says file corrupted
if I change it like this : lineage-17.1-20210127-microG-FP2.zip.zip ,TWRP says file corrupted

[EDIT] wrote too fast didn’t see other files endend only with .zip or .img

still thanks because I didn’t know the folder names were for different phones. :raised_hands: :pray:

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Yes, because that’s only the checksum of the file you need to download.


Here, you will find your solution:


Hope it helps.

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