[SOLVED] FP4 + Dual SIM adaptator?


I really would like to use the FP4’s dual SIM to have my personnal and professional phone numbers on the same phone. Unfortunately, the eSIM is problematic because it is lost when the phone is factory-reset and I need to ask my provider to renew a physical SIM then change it to a new esim (it is because if the esim is lost I cannot receive the SMS to renew it myself). As I plan to test alternative ROMs in the future, you can see why it is problematic…

So I was planning to use this kind of product (Simore Dual SIM) , but it seems that both SIMs cannot be used to listen to simultaneously to both networks in order to be able to receive calls and SMS on both of them at anytime. This despite the FP4’s DSDS technology. Can someone confirm this ? Has someone already tested this kind of tool and can send a feedback?

Many thanks!

Is that the case indeed? I totally understand your concerns, but I looked around on the internet a bit and found many sources telling (for other phones) that usually the eSIM is not touched unless you explicitely tell the phone to also remove this data. There should be a checkbox or something similar during the reset process.


As someone who has done countless factory resets, I can assure you, the eSIM won’t get deleted if you don’t want it to.

It survives flashing a completely different OS as well :slightly_smiling_face:


I would say if this is the case really, the provider is a bit complicated. It does not make any sense to me that you need to hold a physical SIM in hands before you get an eSIM.

In case you really need SMS to activate the eSIM, when you use another physical SIM in addition this would be able to receive SMS, or?

However, I thought normally an eSIM is activated by scanning a bar code, which would hardly be possible when its send via SMS to the eSIM phone number.

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Some providers deal with the esim as coatmor said (code sent with a sms), which is a big problem when the phone as a reset or is stolen (physical sim required to get the new sms code, and then… new eSim).

As Orange in France for example.

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Exactly! I am using Orange in France. I was planning to take their dual SIM option but in this case unfortunately the SMS are only sent to the eSIM (which must be your main SIM) and not to the secondary physical one. I am studying using an app to transfer the SMS on my second number or an e-mail.

Anyway, it is reassuring to know that I can flash the phone without reset the eSIM. Is there a special procedure to do so? Things to avoid?

Just don’t touch that option and you’ll be fine :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I am also studying the option to change my provider just in case, since Orange seems to be the only one of the three main providers in France to have such a complicated procedure. I had no idea the other ones had much easier ways to deal with the eSIMs ! Thank you all for your insights.

One last question : can you confirm that both numbers will listen to their respective networks at the same time and be able to receive calls and SMS if I use one eSIM + a physical SIM on the FP4? Did I understand well?

Both will be active at the same time, you even get two cell signal indicators in the status bar:

I’m not exactly sure how it’s handled if you get a call on your second SIM while having a call on the other one, to be honest :thinking:


No problem, I just wanted to be sure to not miss important calls. I imagine in the worst case the caller will be sent to my message box and I’ll receive a notification, which is fine to me! I think I can mark this subject as solved. Thank you!


@coatmor: You mentioned using an FP4’s eSIM with Orange. Is it actually possible?
FP4 isn’t on the (short) list of supported phones on their Support web site…

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