SOLVED! FP4 (Android 13) can't share 4G/5G connection, either by wifi or USB (Bouygues Telecom (France))


After the Android 13 install my phone was configured to use IPV4 with Bouygues. That seems to have stopped connection sharing working. I changed to IPV6 and now I can share the connection (via wifi or USB, or I suppose Bluetooth).

Parmameters / Network / SIM profiles / Bouygues Telecom / Acess point names

There was a “Bouygues” which was set top IPV4 and a “Bouygues Telecom” which was set to IPV6 and has a bunch more stuff under “APN type”.

Changing the APN to “Bouygues Telecom” fixed the sharing problem.

My network is Bouygues Telecom (France).

My FP4 is running Android 13.

I find that when I try to tether my laptop to my Fairphone 4 the connection between the phone and the laptop works, but if the phone is connected to the internet via the cellular signal (4G or 5G) I can’t access the internet from the laptop.

All DNS requests come back REFUSED, any ping or connection requests get a network unreachable or host unreachable.

If I connect the phone to the internet vi WIFI the connection works, but that is pretty useless as I could use the WIFI directly from the laptop.

Anyone seen anything like this?

It’s great that you were able to figure it out!
Would you mind sharing your solution in case anyone else comes across this problem?

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That should be the solution

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The solution is explained in the edited start post :wink: .

Now it is, I didn’t see that when I originally responded. :slight_smile:

I read the solution before I saw your post :wink:
So you probably wrote, while he was editing.

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