*solved* FP4 - Android 11&12 - no data transfer, phone content not shown

If you experience that your phone’s storage content (internal and/or portable sd card) on a windows (10 or 11) pc is not shown and you already checked

  • use 2 diffrent cables
  • ensure that you selected “data transfer”

Test it with another pc, when it is working there it has something to do with the pc.

In my case I have installed earlier the Android (Nexus) ADB drivers - these made no trouble with former Android 9 & 10 (Samsung phones). So uninstall the driver from hardware manager. (I did while the phone was connected so they are easy to identify). Afterwards unplug the phone and replug.

Wohaa: After selecting “data transfer” FP4 content was shown.

Additional hint: You might recognize that your “driver” is out of date if windows shows the phone as usb device that you must “remove/disconnect/exit” (so the usb icon shows up in taskbar). For actual drivers this would not happen because you can unplug at anytime (of course not while e.g. transferring data :wink: )


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