[Solved]After downgrade from 1.8 to 1.6 Fairphone Upater won't lauch and other problems


I installed 1.8 today and couldn’t reinstall google apps. Unfortunately I thought I just do a rollback, because everything was fine before. Now I keep getting the error ‘the process android.process.media has stopped’ in all different places. For example when I try installing the google apps via the widget or starting the FairPhone Updater. So I’m not even able to go back to 1.8 anymore.

Do you have any suggestions other than a factory reset? :wink: Not even sure if that would help. I’d like to keep as much data as possible. I have backups, but reconfiguring everything would be a pain. Did that already after I increased my internal memory.

Any help would be appreciated.

I guess you could try manually installing the update via the recovery menu

With v1.6 you need to be careful to install the right version that fits with the storage partition you’ve got running, so if you upgraded to the 1 partition thing, you can’t go back to 1.6 without the intergrated storage solution. SO if you have the one partition solution, you need this one: FP1U Cherry (v.1.6) Fairphone_FP1_OS_v1_6_OTA_2014-07-31.zip (~200MB)


I might have found a solution. I cleared data for the app ‘media storage’. I also twice force closed the app and rebooted my phone. Not sure if this is necessary. After that I didn’t get the error any more and could install the google apps. After logging into my google acount, currently my fairphone is updating a lot of apps. I’ll keep you updated.

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Ok, I lost my start screens, but everything else seems to work now. I might consider updating to 1.8 again in the future, but at the moment I guess I’ll stick with 1.6 :wink:

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Glad to hear it’s working again :smile:

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