[Sold] White slim case for 10€ (FP2)

Selling FP2 white slim case here, taking dust for no reason, for 10€ + shipping. Was not very much used. It has very tiny shock marks (not cracks) on the corners and light scratches on the back (top right of the Fairphone logo) but it remains quite good looking. The other half of the cover (the black rim) is as good as new.

I’m interested. Case would need to be shipped to south Germany. Where do you live? How would you want to do this?

Danke & Grüße von

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@virtualnobi are you not interested anymore? If so it’s still available!

Hi! if its still available I´d like to buy it and ask if you could ship it to Austria.

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Yes it is! Send me your address via PM and I’ll reply with my PayPal account if it’s OK for you.