[SOLD] Unused display for Fp3 - rest of the (defect) phone included!

What product(s) are you offering?

I’m selling my fairphone 3 with a brand new display.
75 € with shipping included
The phone was damaged by water so i ordered a new display. unfortunately more parts were affected by the water. i decided to ditch the whole phone. You can have the whole thing with the brand new display.

From where would you be shipping (country or city)?


Photo(s) of the product(s) (if it is a phone, please include a photo of the phone switched on displaying the current date):

The phone doesn’t turn on anymore.
I added a picture of the phone with my username.

Other, remarks:

Beside the display other parts may be functional as well. The damage by water affected the charging port or the battery for sure. but other parts may still be fine.
Bumper included.

Hello, I interested in this phone. Christine

It looks like i’m not able to send private messages before reaching a higher level.
Feel free to contact my via ebay.

Thanks. I will purchase the phone on Ebay.

@MrPopannes and @Chart Hi and welcome to the forum.

Let me know if this hasn’t worked out as I may buy (UK)

Have set the topic to [SOLD] :slight_smile:

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