[SOLD] 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds - Black

I bought a Fairphone 4 incl. Earbuds on the 02.05.22 and so far I’m enjoying the Fairphone but not really the Earbuds.
They were my first true wireless ANC earbuds and I gave it a try, but I’m just not happy with the sound (music).

So I (sadly) decided to sell them.

They are fully working, and I just used them for testing.
If you have any question, just ask me or check the Fairphone shop.
For sure, I will add the bill for guaranty.

Price is €80 + shipping and as payment method I would suggest PayPal with insurance.

I’m in Germany, so shipping inside Germany would be the best, but I would also potentially ship in other countries. It shouldn’t be so difficult or expensive.

Here are some Photos: (made with gcam)

Hey B_Jay,

ich hätte Interesse an den Earbuds. Wären 80€ inkl. Versand nach Deutschland in Ordnung? PayPal ist vorhanden.


Cool :slight_smile:

Hab dir eine DM geschickt :slight_smile:

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