[SOLD] Selling used fairphone 2 turquoise in great condition for 250€ in Amsterdam, NL

Used fairphone 2 colour turquoise for sale, in very good condition. Pick it up in Amsterdam NL or I can ship it to your place, also outside europe (the additional shipping costs are added to the price). Phone is 1.5y old and still works fine. I did not use it much.

hello idanissen,
I am interested in buying your fp2, but I am in australia at the moment - could you let me know how much it would be to post it?
Cheers, Susanna

Hi, well @flop was first but I’m also interested. I’m in Paris, France. Let me know if the sale doesn’t take place or if it’s more convenient for you.

Hi Idanissen,

I’m also interested! Please get in touch if the others before me decide to not to buy it.


Hello! I am sorry, but the phone was sold on another platform. I will remove this advertisement, am sorry to not have done that before!