[Sold} Selling my fairphone 3+

Hallo everyone,
I’m selling my FP3+. I bought it a year ago and ended up using it only for 7 months. The phone works very good and I was happy with it myself, but the Android operating system is just not for me, so I fell back on my old iPhone. (Which I find very unfortunate).
Hopefully can I make somebody happy with it!

Hi Maria,
I might be interested in it. But I have some questions: How much would you want for it? From where are you selling it? Will you send it in Europe? Could you post a picture with the phone on, showing an actual date?
Thanks a lot!

Hi Fabian, Thanks for your reply!
I’m selling the phone from Amsterdam and I want €350 for if. I give also de usb charging cable with it.
I can send it to any country of Europe, I think. I just have to check the prices and the best way to do it. I’ll put the pictures below.

Have a nice day!

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Thank you for the pictures and the other information.
I am out, it’s too expensive for me. But I am sure you’ll find here someone interested in this offer!

Good to see Ecosia on your phone!:tada::tada::tada:

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