[SOLD] - Selling my Fairphone 3 / Je vends mon FP3


I am selling my FP3 at €135 (excluding potential shipping costs).
!!! SOLD WITHOUT A CHARGER, or its original box accessories. But it has a screen protection.
!!! Already factory reseted

Purchased two years ago, the phone is in good condition with a screen protector applied since then (some traces/scratches on the protector, but the screen underneath is like new).
The camera, fingerprint reader, and fast charging function without issues.
It has mostly been used to doomscroll on social medias :,)

Notes :

It has been factory reset ! (not a hard reset so no need for my personnal email)
The phone may experience slowdowns if overloaded with photos or applications (I had around 35 GB of applications). I’ve tested it after the reset : no slowdowns
The charging port is two years old, and I’ve never had issues with good-quality chargers (it doesn’t work well with chargers that are a bit old).
NFC never tested.

Sim unlocked :slight_smile:


(FR / Remise en main propre possible sur Nantes)

VIDEO : Dropbox - 20240101_175245.mp4 - Simplify your life

Happy new year :slight_smile:


No scratches on camera

I removed the IMEI this should be exchanged in PM.

Its cutomary to post a picture of the phonenrunning and showing todays date

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Thank you for removing it,
You can see the phone working in the video and on here is a photo :


The phone is reserved and hopefully sold, thank you!

Good afternoon - I am interested in buying it as I have damaged my identical phone. I am a UK resident

[edit moderator: I have removed the e-mailaddress and phone number and have sent it in a PM to M_D_44]

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