[SOLD] Selling low used FP2 - 180€ + shipping


I’m selling my Fairphone 2 for 180€ + shipping costs (I live in Brussels).

It was initially bought in 2016 but fully replaced by the fairphone team (because of screen issues) in March 2017 (I have a proof of it).

I havent used it much I used it only for when I was traveling for work (probably about 1,5 month a year).

All hardware is in good condition, including the battery which still lasts a day without any problem. The screen doesnt have any major scratch (see pictures).

The only thing that you might want to change is the external case which shows some signs of wear (see picture). But you can still keep it as it is, no problem.

The phone comes with its original box. I can provide the IMEI number if you want to make sure it wasnt stolen (please ask me by message).

If you have any question, please dont hesitate.

Check all other pictures (I couldnt include them in the post because I m a new user) here -

Hi Pierre-Jean,

i would love to buy it. Please send me a message to christof(at)winkler-hermaden.at.

Best wishes,

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