Sold: Selling FP2, like new


I want to sell a blue FP2, bought this January, little used, technically and optically like new, latest LineageOS 16 installed for 350€.
The phone can be tested and picked up in Leverkusen.
Postage within Germany included, rest of EU 50/50.

Nice weekend!



Hi! I would be possibly interested in this phone…is the price negotiable?

Hi Ralf.
I am interested in buying your FP2.
Perhaps a silly question, but does the phone come with guarantee lasting untill January 2021?
Oh, and also: how much memory is on it?
I am travelling to Hamburg on Sunday and I am interested to know if pershaps the phone could reach my hotel while I am there? Let me know.
Regards Laura

Hi Lucas,
the price is (a little bit) negotiable. How much did you plan to invest?

Hi Laura,
of course the buyer would get the invoice from January, so should be able to claim guarantee till 1/2021.
The memory is 32GB extendable by SDCard-Slot.
DHL-parcel within Germany is usually delivered within 1-2 days (not Sunday!), so if you give me sign to send on Wednesday, we should be on the safe side.
Enjoy your trip to Hamburg!


OK. That sounds pretty perfect. I think I am ready to buy it :slight_smile:

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