[SOLD] Selling FP2 (full or parts) +1 extra battery

As I upgraded to a 3+, I am selling all the parts of my FP2 (or the whole phone itself).

battery x2 (they last about a day), 5e each
front camera module (replaced <2 years ago), 10e
speaker module (replaced <2 years ago), 10e
front camera module (3 yo), 10e
front screen (3yo), 10e
red plastic frame (chipped on the bottom right, but perfectly working), free if you buy some parts.
Add shipping fees (from NL) to each purchase.

If you want to buy it all, I ask 40e + shipping fees. I will also send you the core.

NB: If you are interested and want to send a direct message, please check #how-to-dm.
Be aware, that cross-border shipment of batteries outside a phone is virtually impossible for individuals.

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Hi Leo22

I’m interested for your bottom module only. Is it possible to export it to France ? :slight_smile:

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Hi 20-100.
Sure. I just joined the forum, so it appears I am not allowed to send you a pm just yet. Can you do it?


Hi @Leo22 and @20-100 welcome to the forum

As each of you is new to this forum you will not be able to send private messages until – see link. Please do not display email and private addresses on this ‘public’ forum.


Hi Leo, I’m interested in the front screen if it is not broken. :slight_smile:
Would be with shipping to Germany. Do you know how much shipping will be?
Thank you and best regards

I’m be interested too. I would like to buy the whole phone, if it’s working and the offer is still available. Can you post a photo of the working device showing the current date and time?

How much is the whole device? Is it the 40€ plus shipping? Or does this only refer to the modules you listed?

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hello, i m very interested in a bottom module, i guess it s what you call speaker module ? i live in brussels. noémie

Hi Noémie,

I am sorry, but that part has been already reserved (all of the pieces are reserved, actually, besides a battery which I cannot ship outside of NL).

All the best,

Hi Amoun,

I’ve sold all the pieces of the phone, but I see that I do not have enough privileges to modify the original post to mention it. You look like a moderator, so maybe you can help me out with this? Or shall I just browse the website until I get enough privileges to do it on my own?

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