[SOLD] Selling Fairphone 3 for £190 (or Euro equivalent)

Hi all,

I’m selling a Fairphone 3. Owned for one year, used for 6 months. In ‘good’ condition some superficial scratches on case and scratch and lettering fallen off the back.

Selling as camera doesn’t meet my needs. [You could buy a new phone module if you wanted to upgrade]

Looking for £190 (or Euro equivalent) payment via paypal plus postage.

Happy to provide more photos or information as needed.

Thank you

It’s desirable that you show the phone switched on with today’s date to show it is working :slight_smile:


Added a new photo. It definitely works

Looks nice but the date would show it was taken today, not a shot grabbed via www etc.

Apologies for the niggling|nagging issues but it is a pretty basic requirement.

I didn’t like to insist in my first response


If a battery is installed and sold as part of a phone, it is no problem to send it crossborder.
Trouble only arises, when shipping a battery on its own, i.e. not installed in a device.
Or do you have a spare battery, that you would include in the package? In that case, this spare battery would be a problem. But you could sell that spare battery separate in UK only.


Thanks for bearing with me. Being a n00b. Have sorted


Got it. Thanks. Guidance I read wasn’t clear. Have amended to make clearer


I’ve allowed myself to correct your title then :wink:

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@JoJaBaker I’d be interested, for shipping to Austria.
Quick question though: are there scratches on the screen? I see what seems to be light defects on it but it might just be slightly dirty :slight_smile:

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Hey Jonathan,
I am quite interested, I have dropped you a private message.
Thanks in advance!

@I.Holod, OP hasn’t yet replied to me in the last 3 days, and for some reason Discourse isn’t letting me DM them, but I hope they got your message, in case they decide not to sell to me.

@JoJaBaker, ping?

You have to get to the Basic user status to send Direct messages :slight_smile:


Hi @JoJaBaker, I’m also interested if none of the above ppl got lucky :slight_smile:
(I’m based in Spain btw)

Hi. Sorry for lack of response but was on holiday and away from computer. It’s now sold

Thank you for your interest and help


Just edited your title to say SOLD if that’s OK :slight_smile:
Thanks for the offer I imagine someone is very happy.