[SOLD] Selling Fairphone 2 - Sweden

I’m selling my Fairphone with the new camera module and an indigo cover (cover is a bit damaged in the corner but works well). The phone works okay but is a bit slower than it used to be. I’m guessing it will get faster by doing a full factory reset however. The battery could use changing.
I’m selling it for 100€ plus shipping (I’m living in Stockholm, Sweden).

Hi Cec!
I would like to buy it. Shipping to Germany is okay?
Thanks a lot, best regards

No that would work fine as long as you pay the shipping fee. I can look up how much that would be. Any preference when it comes to the company?

Hi Cec,
Thank you! DHL would be a good choice.

Hello, I’m very interested if still available. Would shipping to Czechia be ok?

Unfortunatelly it is sold already but thanks for the interest.