[SOLD] Selling damaged (but kind of working) fp3+spare battery, including camera+, new and old bottom module

Hi, I sadly dropped my fp3 into a pond and have not been able to repair it - battery is not charging. Bought and tried a bottom module, didn’t work. This was a while ago and I have moved on to a new phone. But to be clear, the phone and camera is otherwise working and seems fully functional. Battery is also fine, you just can’t charge it in the phone, but can in separate a battery charger. I have factory reset the phone.

Edit: some clarifications. I have tested and these things work:

Calling, receiving calls.
Speaker, microphone, earphone-jack.
I’ll add a pic of the screen. To be clear, the phone is not in ‘nice’ condition, screen has scratches, back cover is a bit damaged, and such. But I have not been able to notice any actual functions that are not working, except fpr battery charging. It is likely a damaged core module, but I can’t say for certain.

Happy to sell off any parts or preferably all of it. The spare parts are good and the phone can be used to try parts or as a reserve. Hey, if you have two fp3, you can use one of them as the charger and have two kinda fully working phones :wink:

Included is, then:
Fp3 with the upgraded camera+, brand new bottom module.
Extra battery, factory sealed.
The old bottom module, possibly working since it didn’t help the issue to replace it.
The green protective case.

Best would be to sell it all in one lot. I didn’t count up what it all would cost as spare parts, but it you are interested I’m sure we can work something out.

I’ll post one picture of the lot here and can give proof of purchase and such if you are interested.

Shipping from Sweden (Göteborg).

Hi :slight_smile:

From what I understand, the issue would be in the core module/motherboard not being able to charge the battery. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

@Torvid no other issue known? To help someone interested, can you confirm whether or not the sound is working? (earpiece, speaker, microphone, jack) And the ability to vibrate?

From what I’ve seen in other post, it is asked to post a picture of the phone turned on displaying the current date. In this case, that will allow to confirm that the screen doesn’t have visible damage from the water and it’s impurities.

Bonus if you can test that mobile signal is still working. (implies antenna and sim slot) So that the phone is still a phone ^^

All of this widely changes the value and use potential of your unfortunate phone ^^"


Hi thanks fort he reply, I should clarify those details. I will update my post…

Yes I also gathered it is likey the core module that is damaged, but can’t say for certain.

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