[SOLD]-Sell Fairphone 2 full functioning (white)

I’m selling a FP2 (white slim case).
The phone is in good condition (screen was protected with 9H glass from first day on)
Front and main camera is equipped with V2 modules. Both V1 modules are included.
Original packing and old black bumper case (in bad condition) is included if needed/wanted.
The white slim case has a crack on bottom (which I fixed with sugru).

At the moment the phone runs lineage 15.1 ( Android 8, very stable, no random reboots etc - I used the phone as daily driver having 24/7 on-call duty) but if I can install the latest fairphone os if needed.

I will ship the phone on buyers cost. My location is near to Vienna, Austria, so a hand over in Vienna would be no problem.
Price is €200,-

very interested into it. How much you sell it?
I live in France and it is for a gift, so I might buy it very very quick :slightly_smiling_face:

€200 plus shipping costs would be ok.
If its a Gift i would recommend ordering a new case from Fairphone Shop as well.

I can send you some photos if you provide me your email address.

Hi Franz, I have already found a FP2 to sell, but thank you for you message anyways. I’m sure you will find many other interested people, good luck!

Hi Eli!
Thank you for your reply.

I just took some photos and added them to the original post.

Hi Franz,
I’m looking for a FP and may be interested in yours.
Do you have an idea of how much it would be to ship it to Italy?

Shipping to Italy World be €11,80.
At the moment i have reserved the phone for Giulia.