[Sold] Offering a Fairphone 3+ battery

Hey, I tried to fix my Fairphone with a new battery, but unfortunately that failed and I have this new and unused battery for the Fairphone 3+ that I would love to give away. I am located in Halle, Germany. So a pick up would be possible here or otherwise we can think of how it is possible to send it. Let me know if you need a battery. Best, Lea :slight_smile:

Hi Lea,
I would be very glad to take it. My battery lasts hardly 4 hours.
I will send you a PM to take the necessary steps…
Pls do reserve it for me.
I am right now on vacations and will be back next Monday
Cheers from Augsburg ( right now in Croatia ) :wink:

Hey, the battery is sold now and the topic can be closed.