[sold] New Screen (Fairphone 2)

I am selling a completely new screen for a Fairphone 2. I bought it, because my older screen stayed black, but then I found out that the problem was something else. Completely unused (I had put it into my phone a couple of times for these trials, that’s all; the protective foil is still on the screen). I would like to sell for 75 euros (I would take over the costs for shipment).

Hey there. Are you German? How do you want payment?

I’m open concerning the payment method. Bank transfer has the advantage of not having fees, but I am also open to PayPal or maybe other options.

Hi, if it’s not sold yet, I’m very interested (I just broke mine today). Let me know, please!

Hi, it’s still there.

Hi, great!
Could you write me in private? (I don’t find the way to write private message with my broken screen :wink: and I’m at work…)
You can send me your bank account numbers and I would do the money transfer.

too bad :frowning: im ordering a new one

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