[SOLD] New FP2 Bottom Module looking for a new owner

FP2 Bottom Module in original packaging
I have bought a new Bottom Module for my Fairphone 2, which I don’t need anymore. It is still in the original packaging. Happy to sell it to someone who needs it :slight_smile:
Shipping to EU countries


@yvmuell Vielleicht gerade Bedarf … ?

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Hi, I am interested!

Hi @VerenaK Welcome to the forum.

People are going to love you, well for a moment or two, given the lack of availability. I just feel sorry for all those that see this post and don’t get this rare item. Should probably go to a museum. :slight_smile:

All the best

is it really to be sold, I have also interest in it

Yes, please! :slight_smile: sell it to meeeeeee!!! Pleeeeeaaaassseeee. I really need this module.

Yes pleeeeease! I’m on my second FP and trying to convince friends (and myself) that you can actually repair the things… I’m UK.

Hi Verena, you could make me happy with this.
I’m urgently looking for a new bottom module to save my beloved FP2.
Please let me know if you’re able to help me.
I’m living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Kind regard, Annelies

The bottom module has been sold

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