(SOLD) New Fairphone 2, white case, no warranty

Hello guys,

I am selling my brand new Fairphone 2 (not even opened) with white case. I got it as a replacement. My original phone had quite some problems and over months I had to send it few times for repair until Fairphone offered me a brand new phone as a replacement.

In the meantime I got another phone from my work, so I prefer to sell the replacement phone I got from Fairphone.

I bought my original Fairphone 2 more than 2 years ago, so the replacement phone has no warranty.

The price which feels fair for me is 300EUR, plus 7 EUR for the delivery from my home in Bulgaria (we split half half the total price which is about 15EUR).

Payment can be per bank transfer.

Just let me know if someone in interested.


Hi Vihra, I would be interested in the phone. I understand the shipping price you mention is for delivery within Europe, correct?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Thiago, great that you are interested. Where are you located? I had an average price for Europe in mind, but I can check it tomorrow.

Hi Vihra, thanks for the response. Followed up with a DM, please check your inbox. Thanks

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