[sold] Looking for FP2 camera module

Hi there. I’m looking to buy a replacement camera module for my FP2. My lens is cracked. Shipping to the UK.

Hello Sarah,
if you can live with the older 8MPX variant I’d happily sent you a spare one for the cost of shipping from Germany.

Hi Sarah - I have a brand new FP2 camera (the upgraded version) that I just got sent by Fairphone as a replacement for a module. It turns out the original module I have wasn’t broken, so this one is unopened and brand new.

I’m in the UK too. Let me know how much you would like to pay,

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Hi Stephan! I‘ve read that you have a camera module suitable for FP2. Is that still available? If so, would you be willing to send it to me? Best wishes, Bettina

Apparently, I am too stupid to find out how to send a PM, sorry. If you send me one, I guess I’ll be able to reply though :slight_smile:

Hi Bettina,
the module is still available. You may tell me your address via PM and I’ll tell you shipping cost and my bank account details accordingly.

Hi Luke. That’s fantastic, thank you, yes please. I’d be happy to pay the £ equivalent of the euro retail price, which I think is somewhere around £35. Let me know if that’s OK and how to proceed. Thanks again.

Hi Sarah,
Sorry it’s sold already.