[SOLD] Fully operational FP1 seeks interested party

I have a FP2 now and my FP1 needs a new home. I could send it for recycling but I’ll try this first. I am going to move to another country next month so if there are no takers I will send it to FP for recycling.

I bought the FP1 from the second batch. It’s got the original battery and it still runs for almost 24 hours. The mid-frame has been replaced 2 years ago because the glass in front of the camera was broken so that is new, all other parts are original.

The phone fell to the ground once (very early in its life), visible on the bottom right corner of the white rim. Nothing else was broken, not even the glass.

It has been working fine, just bought the FP2 in the previous year for fiscal reasons, otherwise I would still be using the FP1.

Interested? Think of an offer.

Location is 035 in Holland. You can pick it up or pay for postage.


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Found a new home! The FP1 is going to make someone in Spain happy. :slight_smile: And me too, since this way we’re not making more waste than necessary.

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