(Sold) fully functional Fairphone 1 (FP1U)

I’m selling a fully functional Fairphone 1 U.
Included is only the phone, without packaging.

If you are interested, please tell me a fair price for you and me.

The phone was rarely used for about 1,5 years now.
It is nearly like new. There are only slight scratches from the use.
If you are interested I can make some pictures.

I am located in the south of Germany.
I speak English and German.
I can send it via DHL or Hermes.

Hello, i’m from Tenerife in the canary island and would like to buy your phone, its yet in your hand? If so we can talk about a fair price. …

It is Tenerife in Spain?
I can send it, if you take the costs (15 €).
Please name me your price for the phone.

Yeah its in spain, can i ask you for some photos? And the charger is with the phone?
Can you tell me what’s your price? I don’t know the market price for second hand fairphone 1 u, no problem for the shipping fees, 15 euros its ok.

Is this phone still available?

The Phone is sold. Sorry @lucas123