[Sold] FP3 Protective Case Green

Hi all,

I bought the Green Protective phone case with my Fairphone 3 but it is surplus to my requirements.fo rmy son, but he is not happy with the green colour

It is unused and still in its original box.

I live in southwest Germany and would be happy if someone would like it and be located either here in southwest Germany or EU

If you would like it, I will find out how much the postage and packaging will be, inform you of this, and then I will post it to you once payment is agreed and received.

Any questions do let me know

Hi, iā€™m from France and i just bought a fairphone 3+. Iā€™m very interested in the case. Let me know if it is still available.
Thanks, Anna

Hello Anna,
Yes it is still available.


Thank you for your answer.

Let me know if you can give me a price.

Have a good evening


Hello Mathias, I have a Fairphone 3+ and I am from Italy. I would be interested in the green case, please let me know if it is still available.

Have a nice day.

Hello Anna,

Is 25ā‚¬ including the shipment to France ok for you?


Hi Mathias I am Nottingham UK how much you looking for?

Hello Nick,

the case is already sold. Thank you for your interest

Have a nice weekend.