[SOLD] FP3+, for sale from owner frustrated at its shortcomings

Selling: Fairphone FP3+, bought April 2021

Reason for selling: it’s too buggy, I can’t live with its shortcomings anymore (low call volume, switches randomly from 4G to E for no apparent reason, has become very slow, some apps don’t work any longer (MS family safety for example), it switches itself off randomly for no reason). It runs the latest update and I’m sure a dedicated and reasonably techie person could sort out the issues but I honestly don’t have time for all that. Shame as I love the Fairphone concept/philosophy and have been an owner for several years (I also had an FP2). Comes with new bottom module which it probably needs (it doesn’t charge well anymore and certain devices don’t work on the module that’s in there now (headphone dongle for example).

Price: make me an offer? Bear in mind it wasn’t cheap when new and you’re also getting a new bottom module.

Shipping from London.

Condition: used, with a few scuffs here and there and a couple of scratches on the screen (not cracks and barely noticeable, as per the photos).

Note the back-cover has had an Apple sticker on it (my kids have a great sense of humour) and you can still see that because the black has faded to a slightly different tint. Maybe that’s why the phone decided to quit on me. Couldn’t live with the indignity. Who knows.

Hope this will make someone happy!

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Please note that when selling a functioning device via this forum, it is customary to include a picture of the phone with its display turned on displaying the current date.

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Yes, that must be it.

I like your (and your kids) humor. xD


I may be interested, depends if a new battery gets my current FP3 working (sudden death syndrome) as I run my life on mine!