[SOLD] FP2 with randomly working charging port + spare parts

Dear Fairphoners,

Summer sale ! Here is my FP2 with a bunch of spare parts :smiley:

The phone is functional, but the charging port in the bottom module sometimes refuses to work, so you have to try and try again until it charges (right now it’s working fine, but last month it took me 30 minutes of fiddling to make it charge)

In the package, you get:

  • Fairphone 2 with slim white case, 2nd gen camera modules , replaced screen, replaced battery
  • 2 additional cases : slim white, classic black
  • Old battery (about 50% of normal range)
  • Replaced parts, might be useful for repairs: old screen (central area not responding to touch), 1st gen camera modules (still working)
  • Collector postcard with FP2 blueprint !!! :sweat_smile:

I sell it for 20 € + shipping costs from FR



Very generous offer, someone is going to be very pleased :slight_smile:


I’m very interested in the phone. Is it still available?
Kind regards

Dear all,
Thank you, the phone is sold.

Take care, all the best in the FP2 survival endeavour!