[SOLD] FP2 (second generation camera modules) for sale - £150

My FP2 (got it July 2016 from The Phone Coop in the UK) is looking for a new home.
The phone is sold “as is” without warranty for £150 (free shipping within UK only). It has an indigo blue case and the second generation front and back camera modules.

I am adding both first generation camera modules and the original transparent case (with broken rubber seal) for spares and repairs.

Location: Forres/Moray, Scotland

Why does a Fairphone Angel sell his phone, why “as is” and why for only £150 ?

I do love and admire the Fairphone project, but the weak radio performance of the FP2 was a problem for me right from the beginning. I tried all kinds of workarounds and tricks (see my various posts related to this topic in the forum), but after missing some important business calls because of “No Service” or “Emergency Calls Only” I had to replace the phone with another brand to get a reliable connection.
I am living in a place with known poor signal quality that poses a challenge to any type of radio communication (BTW: I am a licensed radio amateur). This should not be a problem if you live in an urban area or an area with good mobile coverage. I am often in Berlin and the FP2 never let me down there.


Sad to loose an Angel and cat lover :neutral_face:


So long, and thanks for all the fish!1

That’s a pretty good discount for we people living in cities, BTW.

Hello, I’m interested by your offer! I live in France and will pay for extra shipping costs.

Hello!So the fairphone 2 is still available?

The phone is sold now.

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