[SOLD] FP2 for spares - broken PINs on the SIM card slots

I sell this for spares as on each SIM card holder one of the PINs broke off.
I had it lying around for years and use the FP3 since it came out.
The battery is brand new, I just received it this week since I had to insert one to put the Fairphone OS on again.
From what I remember this one doesn’t have any of the updated modules.

I am looking for around EUR 50 plus whatever it costs to ship it to you (I am based in Germany).


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You might exponentially grow your odds to sell it if you mention a working bottom module :wink:


Ok, here you go: it is a fine phone and all parts work as they should. Apart from the SIM card holders of course.


Can’t tell for the front camera, the photo is not good enough, but the rear camera is the new 12Mpx one.

Otherwise perhaps interested although not in desperate need of a bottom module :slight_smile:

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Just wondering… How did you broke that part? :thinking:

I guess by being clumsy? I was swappinig my SIM cards regularly between phones and from what I remember this was a weak spot of the FP2? Others had the same problem and there is a thread somewhere on how to replace that part, but it involves some soldering experience. So not for me :slight_smile:
Anyway, I ordered a new FP2 when it happened and went on to the FP3 since then.

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Hi I am interested by your offer. My microphore and Core-module are dead. I am OK for 50 euros. Can you send it soon? I am living in France. Thanks a lot for your answer. With regards

Hello Laura, I already have someone interested. But I will let be in touch in case it doesn’t work out!

Hi Udo, I would be also interested in your phone. Just let me know :slight_smile:

This is sold now. Sorry, not sure how I can amend the title to reflect this.
Thanks all for your interest and I wish I had more bottom modules to help you out!