[SOLD] FP1U (or single spare parts) + Battery for free

Hi everyone,

I came across my old (broken) FP1U and thought it’s about time to let someone else use it for spare parts.

Situation is as follows:

  • The phone suddenly wouldn’t turn on one morning about 1.5 (2?) years ago. I didn’t care for a repair since I already had the motherboard and battery replaced once and it started to became a really costly thing.
  • Battery was only a few months in use before the phone stopped working - I’m pretty sure the battery’s working fine, no bloating or whatsoever, not even with spin test. I can measure a few mA going through the cable when charging the Phone (stopping when removing the battery, so I suspect it’s actually charging), the indicator LED is not turning on however.
  • The motherboard also was replaced at one point
  • Screen has no damage
  • When I last used the phone, the camera, sound, vibration etc etc. were working fine, I believe they would still do if the phone turned on.

So if anyone needs a screen, almost new battery or (where I would expect any issues the most) a motherboard, I’m giving these away just for the costs of shipping, I think if you still have a FP1 you want to use and maybe need spare parts, you deserve it :slight_smile:

I’m located in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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@hnms to the rescue!? Oder @Friek? Vielleicht ist’s ja nur der Power-Button.

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I’ll take it! I’m in Freiburg and will pay for shipping. If you’re a KIT guy by any chance we could even arrange pickup as I often work there