SOLD: FP1 for sale - useable with problems

FP1 for sale. Useable but has issues (see below) so consider it for spares or repair. Battery was replaced in August 2016 with a new Fairphone battery; comes with original box and 2 screen protectors.

  • some scratches/scrapes to edge of case
  • power button works but needs to be pressed hard so may not have long to live
  • one touchscreen sensor on bottom edge of screen has failed. The screen will register taps but not swipes in a small area near the lower edge
  • the back cover stays on but is a little loose due to one of the welds having failed
  • I occasionally had sudden drops in call volume during calls which may or may not have been a hardware problem

All other components are working well. Please PM me with offers! I have further photos I can send you but can’t post them as I’m new to the forum.

I’m in the UK but can post to most of Europe.

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Hi. I’m in the UK and interested. How much would you want for it (including postage)?

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