[SOLD] FP1 for sale (NL)

First edition FP1 for sale in Utrecht (NL).

Battery is good, screen is good, only the microphone is broken (voice sounds from far away, or no sound at all)

Price: 20 euro plus shipping costs.

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Hi Tos,

Have you attempted to fix it? I’m thinking of giving it a try. Battery and screen are good; what about performance?

I have a family member currently working in Utrecht, that would pick it up.


Hi Vomae,

Yes, I attempted to fix it by replacing the microphone module. But it didn’t help. Voice works perfect with an external headset though.

The performance is still good. Though it is an emtpy phone now, I reinstalled the OS, so I cannot tell if that will still be the same with extra apps installed.

Let me know if you’re still interested.

Hi there and happy new year.
I’m interested in your offer.
I live in Italy. Let me know if your fp1 is still available.


Als hij nog te koop staat, koop ik hem graag over voor 20 euro.
Verzending naar België op mijn kosten uiteraard.


Hi Teresa and Stijn,

Teresa was first, since Vomae didn’t reply anymore. I sent Teresa a private message, for her address details, otherwise Stijn is next up :slight_smile:

The phone is sold to Teresa, and it is just on its way to her. I will close this thread now. Thanks for all your replies.


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