SOLD - FP 2 + new back cover ; may 2019 (Belgium) NEW PRICE


I bought a refurbished Fairphone 2 (New Life Edition) in may 2019.
The change from iPhone to Fairphone turned out to be too difficult :), so I’m selling the Fairphone now.

The phone is still working as new and comes included a new back cover, because the original back cover has a crack in one of the corners (which obviously doesn’t effect the working of the phone)

Price: 240 euro (excl. shipping costs - I live in Belgium)

Is this “refurbished device” a Fairphone 2: New Life Edition? What colour is new back cover?

Due to supply and demand with imminent deliveries of Fairphone 3 depressing price of available pre-owned FP2, I do feel that you are being slightly optimistic with your pricing but good luck to you.

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Yes, it’s the New Life Edition.

Both back covers are indigo.

I’d be happy with 250 euro also :).

Hi, is your sale current till tofay? could you send me message.


I send you an e-mail.


New price: 240 euro (excl. shipping costs)

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