[SOLD] FP 2 for spareparts mainly (with 2020 display!)

Update2: Updated price.

Hi Folks,
I sell my old Fairphone 2.
It got the (Update: only backcamera!) camera Update like the 2+ and also i got a new battery in Septembre 2019 and a new display in March 2020. I think the display has the highest value :wink:
Imporatant: Frame is broken and not in very good shape. The insides should be quite ok.

I’ll sell it in total, not in parts for 25€ (as negotiating basis, you can make another suggestion) excluding shipping cost.
Add shipping costs to Germany 3€ and rest EU 5€. I think this is fair :wink:
(if you pick it up at my home close to Stuttgart I’ll give it to you for 10€)

I used the FP until autum 2021 with LineageOS, at the end it was slow and had sometimes random reboots. Headphones and loading work well. Camera also.
If there are any questions just ask me.

krutor, aka Simon

I am only allowed to add 1 picture, I also have a pic from display, it is in a good shape.

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hi. is the bottom module working?


Hello Krutor
Funktioniert das Micro?
Is the microfone working?
Greetings Linda

Hi you two,

what i am not sure about is if the core is working perfect because of the reboots, but bottom is loading via usb and 3.5mm headphones? If yes it workes fine.
Microphone workes as well I used it to call people, no problems recognized so far.


Good morning Krutor
Thanks for answer. So I would like to buy the phone, because I need the spare part microphone .
So, if you send me your bank account number you can sent the phone after you received payment.
My email I sent to you by PM
Greetings Linda

im interested as well but I guess I replayed to late… if you change mind let me know

I hope I dont upset anyone in the community if I think you were the first one who wrote in this thread so I would give the phone to you?
I am new to this community so I dont want make mistakes. Please tell me if this is not correct :slight_smile:


You are right, that are the rules here. First come, first served.
Liebe Grüße!


Hi Krutor
I´m also new, so I don´t know how to handle this situation. I think
it is up to you, I will be fine with any disicion.

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yes, I think is the right way to go!

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I might be interested in the rest of the phone if you only sold the bottom module. Shipping would be to France!
Edit: Oh well, just saw you would only sell in as a total and not in parts, so too bad :slight_smile:
If @Scanzi.andrea you don’t need the rest of the phone, I might be interested then! :slight_smile:

Phone is sended, topic can be closed I think :slight_smile:
I’ll do a new one if we sell our second FP2 too,


ok, if you sell the other one, let me know :wink:

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