[SOLD] Four months old Fairphone 3 with accessories ~400€

Hey there!
I am selling my just four Months old Fairphone 3.

The reason is to switch over to IOS because my company (buildung and setting up computers to sell them) have developed an app for better deployment for the software. Sadly the App is only working on IOS and not on Android. And because my employer is partnering with a local carrier to get the iPhone for us employees, Android is not an option.

I love phone but I dont want to have unused electronics laying around.
So I sell it.

The phone was bought at Telefonica O2 Germany which is one of three big carriers.
I have an original invoice for warranty available.

The white letters on the back fell of a couple of weeks ago so I removed them all.
You can either buy a new back, paint them or leave it like this. There are no residues left of the glue.

I am willing to ship it within Germany for free but within the EU only if you pay for the shipping.
I accept Bank tranfer or PayPal

So what comes with the box:

Fairphone 3
Battery (the new one produced in November 2019)
Original Bumper
Anker PowerPort+ 1 Quick Charge 3.0
Anker USB A to C 3.1 1.8meters Cable (Its very long :wink: )
Anker USB OTG Dongle
Amazon Fire TV Stick 1st gen Power Adapter (which charges with 5V 1A to charge less aggressive)
Original Packaging with all papers on it!
64 GB SanDisk Micro SD Card (which is really new)

The phone has really no other problems which other people have on this forum. (except letters falling of, but it is under warranty)
I think I was really lucky to get a fairly new produced device with no issues.
I purchased the phone on 30th December and got it on 10th January 2020.

If you need further information just send me a PM.

Some pictures (some of them were captured by my webcam, so not the best quality :smile: )

IMG_20200419_150604|375x500 Screenshot_20200419-144517 Screenshot_20200419-144534

WIN_20200419_14_43_28_Pro WIN_20200419_14_46_04_Pro WIN_20200419_14_46_16_Pro WIN_20200419_14_51_57_Pro WIN_20200419_14_52_10_Pro WIN_20200419_14_52_13_Pro

I’m interested! I sent you a pm. I see you were able to take away the google search bar. Is it using another launcher now?

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While I don’t need the FP3 myself, I just want to add that Fairphone would replace the back cover (the one with the white letters falling off) under warranty if requested.

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Thats nice! I startet to like it because it looks so stealth :slight_smile:
And in the light you can see it.
But I will tell the buyer that he can do it if he wants to.

The phone is sold! So no more requests please!

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